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Sweetheart or Head Table or Neither?

Traditionally, where I am from, there was always a head table with the bride, groom and the wedding party. I have found that nowadays you can have a head table but a lot of times it is not only the wedding party at that table but also their plus ones (spouses or significant others).

Another option is the couple sitting at a guest table amongst their guests and not having a special table at all. In this case, the couple normally sits with family and doesn't want the attention of a head table or sweetheart table. This is newer but certainly becoming a thing!

The final option is to have a sweetheart table for the couple to sit together alone and enjoy their first meal as a couple, just the two of them. This is a bit more intimate and has been a thing for quite some time. Typically, a smaller table is used since there are only 2 people sitting there but not always the case. The couple I worked with most recently decided to use a 10 ft farm table as their sweetheart table and I was in awe of how it turned out and they loved it too!

So, what is your preference? There are so many ways to set up your reception. Have fun figuring out how you want to seat your guests and yourselves!!


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