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Choreographed First Dance

Will you be doing a choreographed first dance? Some may say this is a bit cheesy or too much pressure on your big day. Some say it's much better to just be relaxed and enjoy the moment with your new spouse, not having to worry about messing up a dance that you paid good money to learn and will most likely only do one time.

Others argue it is a great opportunity to do something fun together in the days leading up to the wedding. Or, it's a great way to learn to be in synch with each other.

If I could do it over again, I would do a choreographed dance! Dance lessons are a blast and when you see couples doing a choreographed dance they are almost always completely focused on each other while dancing!

Nikki and Kevin did one and had nothing but wonderful things to say about their lessons. It was so much fun to watch them perform their first dance as a married couple, they are just too cute!


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