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Lighting Your Wedding

Regardless of whether your wedding theme is romantic, rustic or a holiday celebration lights are an awesome addition to your decor. They add a calm, delicate feel to your celebration.

For the romantic feel, lights can be placed at the end of every row of chairs to light the aisle or groups of candles at the alter area make for great visual appeal for your guests. Stringing lights from the ceiling over your dance floor or reception tables is simply gorgeous too! There is so much that can be done with lights to set the romantic tone!

If your style is more rustic, paper lanterns can be used to make it feel more homey. Lights can be hung from the ceiling and strung around wooden beams to add a magical feel to your venue. Lights and wood go hand in hand for a barn wedding.

Last but not least, the Christmas wedding! Lights can make any venue look like a winter wonderland when wrapped around branches and Christmas trees throughout. Also, table centerpieces with candles and flowers make for a beautiful winter wedding celebration!

Before making final decisions about the lighting at your celebration, make sure to check with your venue to ensure that there are not any restrictions about where lighting can be hung or used.


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