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Which Do You Prefer?

Are you choosing fresh or silk flowers for your wedding? Good question! Fresh flowers typically look more natural and tend to flow better. Each kind of fresh flower has it's own unique scent and look. Even two of the same fresh flowers will each have a slightly different beauty.

But, fresh flowers don't last very long. They may last a couple of days to a week after the wedding and then they begin to lose their beauty.

Silk flowers, on the other hand, can last forever. There's no need to be concerned with silk flowers wilting due to extreme weather or other factors.

Some would argue that silk flowers don't look as nice as fresh flowers. Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to the type of flowers they choose. What is your preference?

The roses in this picture are beautiful. They are also silk. Not only do they look real, they feel real. I was amazed!


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