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My Wedding Day

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

This was my wedding day, July 7, 2012. What an amazing day it was! I had been a single parent of my son, Kadin (far left), for 12 years before I met my husband. Chris (my husband) had previously been married and lost his first wife to cancer which left him a single parent of his 2 children, Lori (next to me) and Steven (far right). When we met, Chris and his children lived in Texas and my son and I lived in Illinois. The first time we actually met face to face we both flew to South Padre Island and spent the whole weekend dating and getting to know each other! We did the long distance thing for a little over a year, flying back and forth between the Texas and Illinois to visit each other. That was hard but SO MUCH FUN!

Blending families has had its ups and downs but I wouldn’t change it for the world! I now have a wonderful husband and 3 kids! The laughter we’ve shared has brought us close and determination, prayer and a lot of love has guided us through challenges. The kids are growing up so fast! Steven is the only one still living at home. Kadin is attending a junior college in Illinois and Lori is going to school at West Texas A &M. We miss the two of them so much but it’s pretty cool to see them making steps toward adulthood!

I would love to hear your dating story or how you have tackled the blending of your families. Sharing our stories can be such an encouragement to others during the hard times!

Can’t wait to hear from you!

- Michele


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